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The Sony PlayStation 3

The Sony PlayStation 3 games console was launched at the E3 entertainment and electronics show in May 2005 with the console going on sale in November that year. A revised, slimmer and cheaper PS3 was released on 1 September 2009. The only specification changes in this new PS3 was the addition of a larger hard drive, with either 120GB or 250GB available. These capacities have been further increased to either 160GB or 320GB.

The PS3's Processor

The core component of PS3 Slim is its Cell Processor which was jointly developed by electronics giants Sony, IBM and Toshiba. This CPU gives the console over thirty times the power of the previous PS2. The graphics processing side of the console is provided by gaming giant NVidia. The chip used in the PS3 is based on the GeForce 7800 range of PC graphic cards but takes the name RSX (Reality Synthesizer). The chip runs at a frequency of 550 MHz and uses 256MB of GDDR3 RAM.

Optical Drives and Storage

The PS3 contains an integrated 2.5 inch laptop-style hard disk drive for partial game installs, saved games and download material. The size of this hard drive in the current console ranges from 160GB to 320GB. It is easy to upgrade the hard drive, with the maximum available size 750GB at the moment. One of the major features of the PlayStation 3 is the integrated Blu-ray disk drive. A Bluetooth-based Blu-ray remote control is also available to buy as an extra in lieu of using the game controllers.

Control Pads

The PS3 controllers, despite looking similar to those of the PS2, actually use a Bluetooth wireless connection system and rechargeable batteries. They allow up to seven players to use one console. The DualShock rumble feature found on the PS2 was not available upon launch but now licensing issues have been resolved this is now included as standard.

Online Gaming

The PS3 console can be connected to the internet by using either a hard-wired Ethernet connection though the built-in port or by using the integrated wireless connectivity option. Online gaming is carried out through Sony's PSN (PlayStation Network) service which is free to registered users.

Other PS3 Features

The Free PS3 has numerous USB2 ports, an HDMI connection capable of providing a 1920 x 1080p picture and an optical audio connection. The HDMI port is also able to carry an audio signal providing the receiving equipment is capable of processing such a signal. The console has been available in black, silver or white in the past, although only black is currently available in the European and North American markets.


The Sony PlayStation 3 can be considered a major advance on the previous generation PlayStation console. It has an integrated hard drive, Blu-ray drive, wireless controllers and integrated wireless connectivity, a specification which should see it lead the games console market for many years to come. The PS3 represents the very latest in games console technology.

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