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The Sony PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 3 games console was launched to the public on 20 February 2013 in New York City at an event called the PlayStation Meeting 2013. The company released technical details about the console's hardware and discussed some of the new features that will be seen.

The console was released in the United States and Canada on 15 November 2013, followed a release on 29 November 2013 which covered Australia, most of Europe, North, Central and South America. The PS4 was then scheduled to launch in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, the middle East and South Africa in December 2013. In an odd move Sony decided not to release the console in Japan, its home country, until 22 February 2014.

The PS4's Processor

Coming soon!

Optical Drives and Storage

Coming soon!

Control Pads

Coming soon!

Online Gaming

Coming soon!

Other PS4 Features

The Free Sony PS4 now has USB3 ports and a much faster Blu-ray drive which is up to three times faster than that of the PlayStation 3. The only video connection now availalbe is via the HDMI port - analouge connections no longer exist.

PS4 Colours

The console is only available in black at the moment, although we would expect special edition versions to be released in the future most likely in white or silver.


The Sony PlayStation 4 can be considered a major advance on the previous PlayStation console. It has much improved processing power, re-designed wireless controllers, a faster Blu-ray drive, integrated wireless connectivity and USB 3.0. This specification should see it go up against the rival Xbox One from Microsoft in the games console market for many years to come. The PS4 really does represent the cutting edge in games console technology.

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