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The Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the second in the Xbox series of consoles from computer giant Microsoft. It was unveiled to the public in May 2005 with sales starting in November that year. The console was such a hit it sold out completely upon launch. It has sold over 30 million consoles to date. The Xbox 360 is currently available in just two versions, the white-colored Arcade and the Black Elite.

Processing Power

The Xbox 360 uses an IBM Xenon processor which, suprisingly, shares its basic architecture with the Cell Processor as used in Sony's PlayStation 3. Despite this, the numerous processing elements employed in the Sony design has been reduced. The Xbox's graphical processing power is provided by an ATI developed chip closely based on the technology used in their PC based graphics cards. The graphics processor used in the Xbox 360 is dubbed Xenos.

Optical Storage

The Elite version of the Xbox 360 comes with a built in hard drive for storing game data as well as downloaded material. The current Elite comes with a 120Gb drive, although this is due to be enlarged to 250GB in the near future. The base Arcade version does not come with a hard drive, instead relying on 512MB of built-in flash memory. The Xbox 360 uses a regular computer-style DVD drive for loading software and DVD/CD playback. As well as DVD, the Xbox 360 also supports video files based on the VC-1, WMV HD, H.263 and H.264 MPEG-4 specifications.

Control System

Both versions of the Xbox 360 feature wireless controllers using infrared technology. Each console can support a maximum of four wireless controllers and three wired controllers at one time.

Online Gaming

Online gaming in the Xbox 360 is carried out through Microsoft's Xbox Live which is a subscription-based service, unlike Sony's PlayStation Network which is free for all registered PlayStation users. The console has a build in Ethernet network connection but a wireless connection requires a wireless adaptor which is available to purchase at an extra cost.

Other Features

The Xbox 360 has three USB2 ports, two on the front and one on the back of the console whilst video and audio connection are provided by way of an HDMI connection and optical digital sound output. The HDMI port can also carry sound signals so long as the receiving equipment is capable of receiving sound this way.


The Xbox360, along with the Sony PS3, represents the forefront of current games console technology. Make sure you get your free Xbox 360 by visiting the link and following our simple three-step process.

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